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Human Culture: Interactive Arts 2010 in South Karelia, Imatra, Finland
Infr'Action Performance Festival, Sète, France 2007
E.A.T.Art, Darmstadt, Germany 2006
Stuttgart Art Museum 2005
7. Performance Studies International Conference, Mainz, Germany 2001

Lappenranta, Yli Unelmien Performance Festival 2001
Bra Vara - Contemporary Art from Finland, Oslo, Norway 1997
Solo exhibition in Gallery Jangva, Helsinki 1997
Mänttä Art Festival 1997

Jangva, Helsinki 1997  
artist as "nurse" by a steel table

Pure Art is an interactive performance action, which combines recycling and abstract art.

The voluntary participant gets a piece of xylitol chewing gum to chew. Then this chewed gum is with careful hygiene turned into a business card sized abstract, white on white art piece, which is under a flat, transparent cover.
At the end the participant gets this small work of art to himself/herself.

Duration of this performance has been from 3 hours to several days.

artist and man by Pure Art table....Mainz 2001
  children looking at performance outside
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