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Forest Art Wisconsin 2007, Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA


The concept of Frontiers - Memories was based on the
thought that when immigrating to a new culture one must be
open to new situations add to new ways of life.
However at the same time the immigrant inevitably carries
within memories and old habits of doing things.

This invasive installaition consisted of five old tents, a wooden
table, a fireplace and a soundscape of Finnish folksongs and it
dealt with some typically Finnish concepts.

The all time ongoing actions were connected to popular Finnish
rag rugs: washing rugs outside with water and pine soap,
cutting old clothes by hand to warp them. The warp was used
to crochet mini rugs for the seats around the campfire.
Also included was toasting sausages in the campfire, one of
Finns favourite outdoor foods.

green tent, man reading the text on it
Read more about Forest Art Wisconsin 2007 The text on the tents was a diary of the three weeks in the
forest and also letters home
rug washing outside crochet around campfire
women looking at rag rugs on the table fetching water from the lake instructing in crochet
roasting sausages view: tent, forest, lake

Photos: Jentri Colello, Tyler Robbins